Nature Coast

Florida's “Nature Coast” comprises a spectacular area of West Central Florida that showcases all the natural wonders of “old Florida”.

From sea side fishing towns like Crystal River and Inglis / Yankeetown to natural springs and crystal clear rivers, like the Rainbow River, Withlacoochee River, Crystal River, and Homosassa River, to world renowned golf courses and country clubs like Sugarmill Woods.

The “Nature Coast” has something for everyone to discover.

Manatee Calf
Sail Boat

Hernando DeSoto, trekked through this region in the 1540s searching for gold and the fountain of youth. DeSoto was said to have drank from every natural spring he could find.

Today the Florida aquifer pumps out million of gallons of fresh pure water per day at the many head springs found around West Central Florida. The Rainbow Springs is a complex system of some of the largest springs in the world and forms the Rainbow River.

The Rainbow Springs State Park offers swimming, canoeing and kayaking on this pristine water way. Many people enjoy tubing down the river on floats.Other popular natural spring areas include Crystal River and Homosassa Florida.

There are many springs that pump out constant 72 degree fresh water to form the Crystal River. Springs with names like Idiot's Delight, Gator Hole, King's Spring, and Three Sisters Springs have become home to the world famous manatee population that inhabits this area.

People come from around the globe to swim with the manatees and experience the wonder of these gentle giants, once mistaken for mermaids.

The town of Homosassa Springs offer several spring area which feed into the Homosassa River. Eco tours, boat rentals, kayak rentals, fishing guides, bird watching and manatee tours are just a few of the recreational activities in the area.

The Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is a zoo like environment with dozens of native Florida animals and wildlife on display, including the underwater fishbowl where you can observe the massive manatees from beneath the surface as they glide effortlessly through the clear waters.

Kayaking in the Nature Coast

Also located in Homosassa is the unique community of Sugarmill Woods. Unique because it was the first “greenbelt” community in the united states to incorporate the natural lay of the land and the existing native plant life and habitat within the design of the community.

Each home site backs up to a “greenbelt” area instead of someone else's back yard. This concept offers a balance with nature and a sense of living next to a natural preserve.

Sugarmill Woods consists of three deed restricted communities Oak Village, Cypress Village and Southern Woods each with its own personality. There are also three 18 hole award-winning golf courses within Sugarmill Woods.

Additionally within 30 miles of their doorsteps Sugarmill Woods residents and visitors have their choice of 30 parks, 11 golf courses, 10 marinas, 9 campgrounds, 7 rivers, 2 beaches, and a game preserve.

The saltwater fishing off the coast of West Central Florida is
second to none. The Gulf of Mexico offers grouper, snapper, kingfish, cobia, tuna, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, dolphin, shark, barracuda, permit, mahi, giant red fish and big tarpon. In fact, the world record tarpon was caught just off the coast of Homosassa Florida.

The “Nature Coast” also offers miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, from the Gothe National Forest to the Withlacoochee State Forest to the Florida Greenway.

This 110 mile corridor traverses a wide variety of natural habitats and offers a variety of trails and recreation areas where visitors can experience the wonders of Florida in their own recreational style.

The community of Pine Ridge Estates in Beverly Hills offers the unique opportunity to pop in on your neighbors on horseback.

With over 28 miles of horseback riding trails winding through the lush forested community of Pine Ridge Estates, you never know what exciting adventure waits around the next the corner.

Sunset on the Nature Coast

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