Citrus County Fishing in Gulf of MexicoIf you love to live and play on or near the water, then building a waterfront home in Citrus County Florida is just what you have been looking for.

Ideally situated between the Gulf of Mexico on the west and hundreds of acres of lakes on the east side and criss crossed by seven rivers, vacant Citrus County waterfront property is easy to find. Ask us about the many waterfront homes we have built in the area.

The City of Crystal River used to be a sleepy little fishing town on the Gulf of Mexico via Kings Bay. But Crystal River Florida has grown up. Many spectacular and exclusive waterfront communities have taken root.

Crystal River WaterfrontThe beautiful Kings Bay Drive meanders along the coast of Kings Bay from Pete's Pier to the old Port Hotel and Marina. A sea side resort with a colorful past, Elvis Presley stayed here while filming "Follow That Dream" in the early 1960's.

The surrounding coastal area of Crystal River is characterized by shrimp boats, crab traps, scalloping, snorkel and dive shops, boat rentals, waterfront dinning, the freshest seafood around and of course the famous manatee tours.

Kayaking Crystal RiverCrystal River Florida is known the world over for the largest protected manatee population on Earth. These once endangered, gentle mammals as big as a small automobile, glide effortlessly through the warm spring fed Crystal River, Homosassa River and Kings Bay. Attracted to the constant 72 degree waters of the springs, the manatees thrive here during the cooler winter months. Many waterfront residents have early morning visits at their docks from the friendly manatees.

Further to the south, Homosassa Florida is another rich and colorful waterfront community. Homosassa waterfront homes are equally impressive, tucked away in stands of ancient moss covered oak trees or hanging over the water on stilts. Known for the Homosassa River and its own population of manatees, it is also home to the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park.

Kings Bay Crystal River Waterfront PropertyA zoo like environment with many native inhabitants like, the Florida black bear, Florida panther, alligators, otters, flamingos, eagles, reptiles, and manatees the park's most popular attraction in the "fishbowl". Descending down the steps underwater, the manatees glide by along with the hundreds of snook and other native fish.

The east side of Citrus County is quite different. Characterized by the many lakes that make up the Tsala Apopka Lake Chain, lake front homes, riverfront homes and canal homes are popular in Inverness Florida. Let Sweetwater Homes help you design one just right for your family.

Swim with Manatees Crystal RiverRecreation in Inverness Florida revolves around the water. Boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and some of the best bass fishing around offer residents plenty to do to keep cool. There is even an annual speed boat race in Inverness.

Popular waterfront communities in Inverness include Pritchard Island, Gospel Island and the Moorings. Waterfront property in Citrus County Florida is still reasonably priced compared to other developed, coastal regions of Florida. Our real estate specialists can help you find and purchase the right waterfront lot to build your next home on the water in Citrus County.

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